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Woodworking Hot Melt Glue

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  • Wood Cabinets, Doors , Drawers, Faces and Frames
  • Edge banding, profile wrapping, and upholstery bonding
  • Chair Production, Block Board Jointing, Finger Jointing, Wood Veneer
  • Flat Lamination– Cold and Hot Press, Multi-layer Laminating
  • Customized products for new and others application
Properties Data Test Method
Base Copolymer based on ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA)  
Appearance White, Yellowish, Gray, Black  
Physical state Solid (Granulate, Block, Lump, Stick)  
Odor Resin  
Softening point 90±2 °C ASTM - E28 (R&B)
Melting point 98±2 °C ASTM - E28 (R&B)
Application Temperature 170-190 °C  
Specific gravity 0.92-1.15  
Viscosity at 180 °C 2015-3650 cps ASTM D 4878-08
Shearing strength (N/cm2), 420±30 (at 25  °C)  
Avoid temperature 220 °C  
Open time 35 sec  
Set time 3 sec  
Hardness 90-98 ASTM D2240
Flash point >450 °C  
Storage 21°C (70°F), 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight  
Self-life 06 months  

Walton designs a special range of hot melt adhesives that meet all requirements of woodworking and furniture industry where use innovative, modified and challenging materials. We are using modern technology and high-grade raw materials in their production and ensuring best quality.
Benefit of our products:
  • High adhesion strength in wood, porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Medium viscosity that easy to apply
  • Impact and moisture resistant
  • Applicable in low energy and corrugated surfaces
  • Excellent thermal stability and Die-cuttability.
  • Based on diverse application accommodated as different open time, curing speed and fast to slow dry properties
  • Viable in hostile environment
Customer choice for cost savings and dependability.