Whether the purpose is for commercial use or personal use, WALTON Beverage Cooler allows you to keep a variety of drinks ready and cool constantly. You can use them either indoors or outdoors. Designed to operate at peak performance, yet maintaining its energy efficiency so you can store the beverages without any worries.











Beverage Cooler in Bangladesh | Walton Beverage Cooler

Walton Refrigerator as you all heard it is the best Refrigerator Brand in Bangladesh. The company only aims to manufacture the best refrigerators in Bangladesh to aid your kitchen life. Walton Fridge  has the best NANO Healthcare Technology installed in their refrigerators, giving you an appliance that you can count on with your eyes closed. The latest technology helps the refrigerator last longer than the others and gives it the ability to have unique features that you have only thought of. With the latest technology involved in making these, the refrigerators get a mind of their own which can sense when to activate its cooling effects and when to go to saving mode as well.

Inverter Technology

The Inverter Technology of Walton has been a superhero for many family's wallet. This technology has saved a lot of electricity bills for families. The inverter technology not only does save bills but also gives the refrigerators a high performing capability as well. So you are getting the most ideal refrigerator which gives the best performance and also saves your electricity bill every month.


The NANO technology is there to save you food from the harmful effects of diseasing causing bacteria. The cell of the disease-causing bacteria has cell membranes and nucleus. The cell membrane of these bacteria has a negative ion property. The NANO SILVER has a positive ion property by nature. Whenever the cell membrane of the bacteria gets in touch with the NANO SILVER, the cell membrane is broken down thanks to the silver particle. This causes the bacteria to die. This is how the food is kept safe inside the fridge and stays fresh for a long time. There is no risk of any sort of bacterial contamination.

Walton Refrigerator, the best Refrigerator Brand in Bangladesh presents to you one of their most sold appliances for industrial and commercial use, Beverage Cooler in Bangladesh. Let’s go a bit deep about what a beverage cooler is and what it does and usage of it along with other details that will help you in buying this appliance right away!

What is a Beverage Cooler?

Beverage cooler, also known as, beverage refrigerator is like a small traditional refrigerator that is used to store beverages for cooling. Unlike a regular refrigerator, this beverage refrigerator is small in size and thus it consumes less energy which is can be a pocket saver. The design of this appliance is made to hold cans and bottles of different beverages. This will help in cooling the beverages by distributing the cold evenly and effectively. The temperature of a beverage cooler can be controlled with the controller. A beverage cooler ain’t that cold like a refrigerator as beverages don’t need such cold temperature. Sometimes you can store some food like cheese, butter, and other foods in a beverage cooler because they also need a low temperature to be stored at.

Features of Beverage Cooler in Bangladesh

Before buying a beverage cooler, one needs to see its useful and unique features for which it will be a best suited appliance. Walton’s appliances have the best features for which it is the best Refrigerator Brand in Bangladesh. These features of Walton’s beverage cooler will surely give you more than just one reason to buy this appliance.

• Super-Fast Cooling- The beverage will cool down very fast thanks to the latest technology and the 100% copper condenser. This allows the cooling effect to take place quickly and effectively.

• Energy Saving- Saving energy with such heavy appliances can be a challenge. But not for the coolers by Walton. They have inverter technology in it that will save your energy bill every month.

• Bright Interior- The interior of the beverage coolers is bright with the lights that are installed for night time convenience making the appliance user-friendly.

• Auto Closing Door- A very important useful feature that allows the door to close automatically after being opened if the user forgets to close it. Keeping the door shut is important for any refrigerator to maintain its coldness.

• Tempered and Low-E-Glass- This will help to prevent the cold from escaping and retain the maximum performance of the cooler.

• Extra Space in the lower portion- This extra space will allow you to keep larger bottles or other beverages and products that can be stored in that temperature. This helps to store good quantity.

• UV Protective Coating- UV is harmful rays. With the UV Protective coating, there is nothing to worry about any harmful rays and radiation that could cause any sort of damage.

• NANO Healthcare Technology- This technology allows you to keep your refrigerator germ free by keeping the bacteria away from causing any contaminations.

• Movable- This cooler can be moved around from place to place due to its size and simplicity. No hassle as to be faced regarding moving this.

• Rat Protective- Rodents are irritating pests that can cause problems to your appliances. This cooler happens to be protected from such pests.

• Higher Net to Gross Volume Ratio.

• Clear Back with Built-in Condenser ensures the best performance of the appliance and also makes it long-lasting.

• Adjustable Transparent Racks- This makes it more user-friendly and gives the user control to modify the space as per their requirement.

• Optimum noise level- the best attractive feature of this beverage cooling appliance that gives the user a peaceful night. No worries about sound pollution. It’s quiet as a mouse.

• Longer Enduring Cooling System- A very important feature of this cooling appliance that helps it to perform better than the others. Longer Enduring Cooling System is used to ensure the optimum level of performance. Everyone wants a cooler that gives a mind satisfying performance.

• Cost-effective- Very much within the buying range of everyone that will help them get the best appliance for cooling at the most affordable price.

Usage of Beverage Cooler in Bangladesh

A beverage cooler is mainly used for storing beverages and cooling them. Mostly these beverage cooling refrigerators are used for commercial purposes by shops that sell beverages. They need more than one cooler as they have a good quantity of drinks and beverages and also various types of beverages. Large families have more consumption of beverages. So some families also buy this beverage cooler.

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