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Washing Machine in Bangladesh

The main purpose of technology is to ease our lives. Human beings have capitalized on scientific innovations throughout history to bring positive changes to life. Washing machine is such an outcome of human endeavors to ease lives.
Walton Washing machine is a result of constant innovation which is designed with a view to ease the lives of the people in Bangladesh. It relieves the consumers of manual washing and allows them to utilize their time on other activities.

Working Process

The washing machine operates in a very simple and automatic process. All you have to do is put the clothes inside and select the mode of washing. The washing, rinsing, and drying all depend on the mode you have selected.

Types of washing machine in Bangladesh

Walton offers two types of washing machines in Bangladesh based on the load and another two based on automation.
1. Top Loading Washing Machine: It is the most popular washing machine in Bangladesh. In a top loading washing machine, the clothes are loaded from the top. There is a cover on the top that opens and closes at your command to load and unload the clothes into the round vessel inside during and after washing. If you have a back problem or don’t want to bend over, you should get the top loading washing machine.
2. Front Loading Washing Machine: Having low energy, water, and detergent consumption rate, front loading washing machines are the most eco-friendly appliances. Similar to washing, rinsing, and drying like that of a top loading washing machine, a front loading washing machine is unloaded and unloaded from the front rather than the top.

These top and front loading washing machines can also be categorized into two types based on their automation process. The two types are semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines.
a) Semi Automatic Washing Machine: Semi-automatic washing machine has separate tubes or vessels for washing and drying. It also consists of two separate timers that allow you to set timers for washing and drying separately. In short, a semi-automatic washing machine allows you to operate it in a more customized manner.
b) Fully Automatic Washing Machine: Equipped with a single tube, a fully automatic washing machine washes, rinses, and dries clothes automatically taking in the amount of water and detergent that is needed to wash the clothes based on the number and weight.

Washing Machine Price in Bangladesh

The prices of washing machines in Bangladesh vary based on the type of washing machine you are looking for and the features you want. Walton offers a wide range of washing machines that begins with as low as 6,900 BDT only making it the best and most affordable washing machine brand in Bangladesh.

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