• Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive

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Base Rubber base copolymer  
Apparent Transparent, White, Yellowish, Gray  
Softening point 90 ± 5 °C ASTM - E28 ( R&B )
Melting point 95 ± 5 °C ASTM - E28 ( R&B )
Application temperature 150 - 180 °C  
Specific gravity 0.92 - 1.15  
Viscosity at 170°C 5000 - 7000 cps ASTM D 4878 - 08
Avoid temperature 190 °C  
State of mater Solid  
Odor Resin  
Flash point Over 205 °C  
Key applications of our hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Tape Industry
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Automobiles
  • Assembly
  • Shoes Making
  • Others: It can be developed according to customer’s needs

Walton dedicated to supplying a unique series of rubber base pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive for tape industry, packaging, footwear industry, assembly and automobile industry. Our products provide the following benefits.
  • Impact Resistant, Moisture Resistant, Vibration Resistant, Heat Resistant
  • Excellent adhesion to rubber & different types of foams
  • Excellent adhesion to low surface energy plastics
  • This adhesive is specially formulated for foam lamination and more demanding indoor and
    moderate outdoor mounting and joining applications, including bonding of metal to rubber
    gaskets and many other plastics, where moderate temperature and high shear performance
    are required
  • Can apply in attaching trims, labels, lining, fabric, web splicing, core starting and end tabbing.