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Bookbinding Hot Melt Glue

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Properties Data Test Method
Category WB281127 (Back/ Spine Glue)
WB281128 (Side Glue)
Base Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA)  
Appearance Yellowish  
Physical state Solid (Granulate, Block, Lump)  
Odor Resin  
Softening point 85±5 °C ASTM - E28 (R&B)
Melting point 95±5 °C ASTM - E28 (R&B)
Application Temperature 170-190 °C  
Specific gravity 0.92-1.15  
Viscosity at 180 °C 2015-3650 cps ASTM D 4878-08
Avoid temperature 220 °C  
Open time 35 sec  
Set time 3 sec  
Hardness 90-98 ASTM D2240
Flash point Over 205 °C  
Storage 21°C (70°F), 50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight  
Shelf-life 06 months  

Bound products are always produced for durability and books require delicate but durable bonding. Having the strong belief in innovation, quality and consistency we developed a unique series of hot melt adhesive and customized solutions for bookbinding industry.
The products provide the following benefits:
  • Provides excellent bonding and adhesion
  • Low odor and VOC free
  • Good thermal stability (no crack in low temp. and retain its hardness at high temp.)
  • High production speeds due to short setting time
  • Smooth surfaces due to a water-free bonding
  • Joint can be opened by heating (recycling)
  • Compatible with all kind of machines and papers
  • High-quality raw materials are used in their production
  • Unbeatable combination of quality and cost-effective