- Tested by NUSDAT UTS according to IEC 60335-2-15 safety standard.
   - Usable for 1.0-1.2 KG uncooked rice
   - Double Al inner pot
   - Robust joint body
   - 1.8 L capacity

 Power  700 Watt
 Voltage  220 V AC
 50 Hz
 1.8 L  
 Inner pot material
 Carton Dimension  Length- 287 mm
 Width- 287 mm
 Height- 305 mm

Warranty Information:

- Spare Parts Warranty: 1 Year

- Replace Warranty: 3
- After Sales Service:1 Year 
Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

- Usable for 1.0-1.2 KG uncooked rice
- Unique “Safety thermostat” for the best electrical safety
- Electrical shock resistance
- Robust joint outer body with double inner pot
- Separate Aluminum food steamer
- Easy to clean and removable inner pot
- Simple electronic operation with automatic keep-warm