Microwave Oven in Bangladesh

Almost every house uses microwave oven in Bangladesh. The reason is pretty obvious. Microwave ovens can make you kitchen life every easy when it comes to heating, baking or any other form or cooking. Thanks to the microwave technology, microwave oven has helped many who to relax and perform these cooking by relaxing.

What is Microwave oven?

Microwave oven, additionally called digital oven, home appliance that chefs food using high-frequency electro-magnetic waves called microwaves. A microwave oven is a fairly small, boxlike oven that raises the temperature of food by subjecting it to a high-frequency electromagnetic field. The microwaves are absorbed by water, fats, sugars, and also particular other molecules, whose consequent resonances create warmth. The home heating therefore takes place inside the food, without warming the bordering air; this considerably reduces cooking time, and baking and other food preparation jobs that need hours in a traditional stove can be finished in minutes in a microwave oven. Microwave produce radiation at a frequency of about 2,450 megahertz by means of a magnetron, which is a kind of electron tube.
These are some uses of microwave oven in Bangladesh
Reheating – The process of Reheating is not done on a stove. When you put any dish in the microwave for re-heat, it gets warm in seconds carefully. A microwave oven is used in reheats without making the food wet and almost retains in its original form. Microwave oven can re-heat them quickly that’s why these microwaves oven are used in households and bakery shops for different types of pastries ,cakes and many more items. The less quantity of food can be reheated in two minutes whereas more quantity of food can be re heated from ten minutes to fifteen minutes.
Baking – Microwaves oven is also used in the baking cakes and breads and it is easy and quick for making delicious different varieties of cakes. The cakes will be equally soft and good to eat. The baking in a microwave oven is used to bake a basic chocolate cake in five minutes which is very quick as compared to the common method of baking with preheating and heating.
Defrosting – Microwave oven are used in defrosting the frozen vegetables or meat very quickly without the excessive washing, draining, and wasting the water. It is very efficient due to it makes the food retain in their original form and nutrients.
Roasting – The microwave oven is used for roast garlic, garlic breads, make pop corns very quickly. The process of Roasting food is a very important and traditional method in Indian cooking and therefore it is very popular in our country.
Blanching – The process of blanching fruits and vegetables in a microwave is better than the traditional blanching method because it takes extremely less time and it retains the nutritional value of the food. A frozen food which is blanched by microwave oven will be better than the food blanched by traditional method.
Boiling and steaming – Boiling is one of the most important method in cooking any food. A microwave boils things evenly due to a microwave boils material in a few minutes as compared to the stove and can also set the boiling time. Steaming vegetables help in retain nutrients in food as compared than boiling and it spends less time.
Retain nutrients – Nutrients are very important in cooking a food for a healthy body. The coking of food is generally get lost in the gas or stove. In the microwave oven, it helps in retaining the vitamins, minerals in food for a good health and uses oscillating electromagnetic energy for cooking the food.

Walton Microwave oven in Bangladesh

Walton brings you the best microwave oven in Bangladesh that will make your kitchen life much more relaxing. Not only does Walton microwave helps in cooking, but its elegant design is responsible for elevating your home design. Walton microwave oven will raise the standard and class of your living to a whole new level. Walton microwave price in starts as low as TK 8,100 only.
Here are some of the features of Walton Microwave oven.
• Multi-function Oven: (Microwave, Grill, Combination & Convection)
• Reliable electronic control & preset recipes
• Smart display for monitoring cooking process
• 9 Automatic cooking menu
• 10 power levels settings
• Turntable, trays for optimal results
• Time defrost & digital clock
• Heat resistive tempered glass door
• Safety child lock option
• Non-sticky inner coating for easy cleaning

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