To accompany your on-the-go lifestyle, WALTON has introduced a variety of laptops. Whether it is for personal or official use, WALTON provides a dynamic range to choose from depending on user preferences. Our laptops are loaded with the features that you need to make the most of every spark of inspiration you have. They are thin, light and flexible and delivers the battery life to get all your work done on time.

Walton Laptop | Latest Laptop Producing Company in Bangladesh

Walton Computer is Producing Quality laptops at a cheaper price in Bangladesh. Walton has five series of laptops in its arsenal. The laptops with the tag 'Made in Bangladesh' are being made at Walton's state-of-the-art facility factory. Earlier on January 17, 2018, Walton started a computer factory at Chandra in Gazipur. Within a month of the factory's inauguration, the company released four models of desktop PCs and 2 models of full HD monitors. Walton started with four laptop models named Prelude, Passion, Tamarind, and Karonda Series. The product manager of Walton Computer said that with these four new laptops, there are currently 21 models of Walton laptops in the market. People get These laptops with unique features and configurations at different price ranges depending on the budget. Walton Computer is producing Desktop PCs, Monitors, SSDs, RAMs.Walton's inventory includes a variety of gaming and general keyboards and mouses and pen drives. These affordable keyboards have unique features with new designs. The Mouses and pen drives have limited prices with different colours and designs. Walton Computer is bringing new latest laptops which are updating and developing regularly with newly designed Models and Colours.

History Of Walton Laptop | The Budget Laptop in Bangladesh

Walton started producing laptops and computers at its own factory named Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd. It is producing quality laptops at much cheaper prices to meet customer demands in Bangladesh. Walton has five series of laptops in its arsenal. The laptops with the tag 'Made in Bangladesh' are being made at Walton's state-of-the-art facilitated factory.
Within a month of the factory's inauguration, Walton Computer Project started its journey with five different laptop series named Prelude, Passion, Tamarind, Karonda and Waxjambu. With these five new series, there were 21 models of Walton laptops initially released in the market. People could get these laptops having unique features and configurations at different price ranges depending on their requirements and budget.
Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd. is producing laptops as well as Desktop PCs, All-in-One PCs, Monitors, SSDs, RAMs, UPS, PSU, Tablet PCs, Android Tablets and many more. Walton's inventory also includes a variety of gaming and general keyboards and mouses, pen drives, earphones, multimedia headphones, etc. They all have variant unique features, aspects, colors and designs to meet customers’ needs and taste.
It is always keeping up with the latest of technologies by introducing all its electronic goods being developed and updated regularly with newly designed models with variant configurations.

Different kinds of laptops in Bangladesh

There are various kinds of laptops available in the technology market of Bangladesh. Some of them are –

  • Notebook
  • Ultrabook
  • Chromebook
  • MacBook
  • Convertible (2-in-1)
  • Tablet PC as Laptop
  • Netbook

Generally, people use notebooks, Ultrabooks, Two-in-One Tablet PC and MacBooks which are available in the technology market of Bangladesh.
With a view to get compatible with the upcoming Fourth Tech Revolution, Walton generally produces notebooks in slim and sleek designs, perfect for students and business class people, who can easily carry these laptops anywhere. Freelancers and computer programmers in Bangladesh are also using these laptops having excellent speed and smooth graphics performance.
Walton is also producing 2-in-1 Tablets which are built to operate in Android and Windows operating systems. The CPU of tablets are updated and matched to the latest ones available in the market to ensure best performance. The prices are finely tuned so that local people can easily afford these Walton 2-in-1 Tablets for a very reasonable price.
List of Laptop models produced in Bangladesh by Walton
To serve people of various walks of life, Walton is producing five different series of laptops in Bangladesh. The names of five series of laptops are given below-

  • Prelude
  • Passion
  • Tamarind
  • Karonda
  • WaxJambu
According to the plans and aims of Deputy Managing Director of Walton Computer Project, the Prelude and Passion series target the customers who are students and young people of the country. These Prelude and Passion series of laptops are made for the use of studies, official works, designs and entertainment. These laptops are slim and handy and the Passion series of laptops have a 15.6’’ bigger screen with a numeric pad in keyboard, so that the users can easily serve desired purposes for studies or official works and can easily carry their laptops in their laptop bags with great portability as and always provided by Walton. So, these are budget-friendly laptops for home and official uses. Walton Tamarind series of laptops are specially designed for executive officers, university teachers and students to serve their regular purposes. This series of laptops basically focuses on metallic sleek design, lightweight designs integrated with latest processors, ultra-fast SSD, RAM, long battery life to ensure a great experience. This Tamarind series of laptops gives an ease to customers for completing their regular tasks smoothly such as, presentations, assignments, programming, web development, designs, etc.
The Karonda and Waxjambu series of laptops with built-in high performance GPU are specially designed for graphic designers, content editors, and gamers. Equipped with latest CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, these series of laptops have the best of the performance above all in terms of speed and reliability to perform in every types of works, ensuring the best of the experiences. The latest generations of Intel® Core™ processors with GPU from NVidia ensure the extreme performance from this series of laptops. Freelancers can use Walton laptops for their continuous communications and completing their daily tasks at ease.

How to choose the best performance laptop at budget price?

For buying the best performance laptop at the best pricing, you need to ensure the following requirements are present in the laptop -
  • Select your required operating system.
  • Selection of the processor and its generation.
  • Display screen size, resolution and brightness.
  • Dedicated graphics processing unit if needed.
  • Sufficient RAM as per your usage.
  • SSD for fast booting up the device.
  • Brightness of LED lights in the luminescent keyboard.
  • Whether there are sufficient I/O ports.
  • Sufficient storage in the laptop.
  • Longevity of the laptop’s battery backup time.

Why would you choose Walton laptop at the best price?

  • Walton produces a variety of latest highly configured and optimized laptops and 2-in-1 Tablet PCs every day at low and affordable prices, with its factory Walton Digi-Tech Industries Ltd. located in Gazipur, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh. The vision of Walton Computer Project is to provide the best quality of laptops in the technology market in Bangladesh at a comparatively lower prices. Walton is using its own motherboards, SSD cards, RAMs, keyboards, and display panels to manufacture all its laptops. The latest processors from both Intel and AMD are being used to ensure fast performance and meet customers' demands.
  • For the ultimate graphics performance, Walton provides options to choose from its gaming laptops integrated with dedicated graphics from NVidia.
  • Walton is using both IPS and TN display panels to show high quality HD and FHD videos in its laptops and thus, ensure smooth display experience.
  • SSD has been used as the primary storage device for these laptops ensuring faster fetch and store of data, augmenting overall performance.
  • Most of the models of Walton laptop series come with an expandable RAM slot giving maximum RAM expandability.

What is the best laptop price in Bangladesh 2022

Walton has launched highly-configured laptops at a much cheaper price in Bangladesh. Are you looking for new laptops at an affordable price? Walton has tuned its laptop prices to give customers most affordable laptops within their budgets in Bangladesh.
It has recently launched two latest laptop models of Tamarind series named Walton Tamarind EX10 Pro and Walton Tamarind MX11. Walton Tamarind series has the highly-configured premium design business class laptops with their prices ranging from BDT 36,000 to 80,000. You get a very fast performance and premium feel while using these laptops.
Recently, Walton Computer Project has announced and launched the ‘CRORE TAKA EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP’ program for the students of colleges and universities all over Bangladesh on the Covid-19 pandemic situation. Students receive a 12-months installment facility at 0% interest on their purchase of laptops, desktops, all-in-one and 2-in-1 tablet PCs.
Customers can buy Walton laptops and desktops with only 20% down payment with 12 months installment facility provided by Walton. Walton has an extensive service network across the country to provide fast and best after-sales service.
Walton promises to provide the best electronic products in Bangladesh. It is providing the best budget laptops, desktops, all-in-one PCs, monitors, keyboards, mouses, routers, pen drives, memory cards, digital devices, etc. The Management of Walton Computer Project is working hard to revolutionize the IT market of Bangladesh. Walton’s vision is to be one of the World’s top 5 brands within 2030 through its excellence in IT market.

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