Cables in Bangladesh

When you roam around the streets in Bangladesh and look up, you will know how much importance cables in Bangladesh have. The streets are filled with cables connecting a lot of houses with electricity and other connections. As the country moves towards a more digitalized nation, importance of such electrical things like cables and wire will be needed in huge quantity.
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A cable used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy is called electrical power cable. Power cable consists two or more electrical conductors join with an over sheath. It is used for the transmission of extra high voltages in a place where overhead lines are impracticable to use like, the sea, airfield crossing, etc. But underground cable is more costly as compared to aerial cable for the same voltage which is one of the main draws back of electrical power cable.

Construction of Cable

The power cable mainly consists of three main components, namely, conductor, dielectric, and sheath. The conductor in the cable provides the conducting path for the current. The insulation or dielectric withstands the service voltage and isolates the conductor with other objects. The sheath does not allow the moistures to enter and protects the cables from all external influences like chemical or electrochemical attack, fire, etc. The main components of electrical power cables are explained below in details.


Coppers and aluminum wires are used as a conductor material in cables because of their high electrical conductivity. Solid or number of bare wires made of either copper or aluminum are used to make a power cable.


The most commonly used dielectric in power cables is impregnated paper, butyl rubber, polyvinyl chloride cable, polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene. Paper insulated cables are mostly preferred because their current carrying capacity is high, generally reliable and having a long life.

Inner Sheath

It is used for protecting the cable from moistures which would affect the insulation. Cable sheath is made up of lead alloy, and these strengths withstand the internal pressures of the pressurized cables. The material used for inner sheath should be nonmagnetic material.

Protective Covering

Lead sheath cables when directly laid down on the ground are damaged by corrosion and electrolyte. For protecting the cables against corrosion layers of fibrous material like paper, hessian, etc., or polyvinyl chloride is used. Layers of fibrous material spread with the waterproof compound to the outside of the electrical cable are called serving.

Over Sheath

It gives the mechanical strength to the cables. It protects the cable from overall damage like moisture, corrosion, dirt, dust, etc. The thermosetting or thermoplastic material is used for making over the sheath.

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