• WT-DT02 (Toaster) WT-DT02 (Toaster)
    WT-DT02 (Toaster)


  - Multifunction (defrost, reheat, cancel)
  - Variable electronic browning control
  - With LOGO plate
  - Rated Power 750-850 W


- Rated Voltage: 220-240V AC
- Rated Frequency : 50 Hz
- Rated Powe: 750-850 W
Warranty Information:

- Service Warranty: 1
Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

- 2 slice cool touch toaster with roasting impression
- Stainless steel panel on both sides
- Variable electronic browning control
- Multifunction (defrost, reheat, cancel) with indicator light
- Automatically pop up and shut off
- Easy cleaning of crumb tray
- Cord winding facility for easy storage
- Anti-Slip rubber feet