• WGS-NSC1501 (LPG / NG) WGS-NSC1501 (LPG / NG) WGS-NSC1501 (LPG / NG)
    WGS-NSC1501 (LPG / NG)

 WGS-NSC1501 (LPG / NG)

   - Non-magnetic stainless steel top panel for long time rust protection.
   - Both burners are large (120mm) for faster cooking.
   - The SS panels thickness are 0.5 mm, so the stove can bear 60 Kg loads during cooking.
   - 50,000-55,000 times auto ignition for each igniter.
   - Locking system in pan support prevents accident during cooking.
   - Burner and igniter adjustment ensures blue flame.
   - Made in Bangladesh


   Technical Specification :
 Rated heat  4.0 kW + 4.0 kW
 Stainless steel panel thickness  0.5 mm
 Double burner with brass cover size  120 mm + 120 mm
 Igniter life  50,000- 55,000 times spark
 Load bearing capacity  60 Kg
 Efficiency   More than 65%
 Net weight   5.368 Kg
 Gross weight   6.7 Kg
 Product dimension   690*420*130 (mm)
 Carton dimension   730*430*110 (mm)
Warranty Information:

- Replacement warranty: Igniter & Burner set 6 months

- Spare Parts: 1 Year
- After Sales Support: 1 Year
- Home Service: 3 Months for free
Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

- Low gas consumption
- Burner with Black Painted Cast Iron cover
- Whirlwind burner design for more durable & efficient flame heat
- Strong zigzag type Ni-Cr electroplated pan support
- Shot Blasting before Ni-Cr electroplating ensures best coating quality & long life
- Automatic piezoelectric ignition
100% ignition rate
- Strong non-magnetic stainless steel top panel
- Strong stainless steel side panels (JIS Standard)