• Sparks 4500E

 Sparks 4500E

   - Type: Gasoline Generator
   - Starting System: Electric Start
   - Engine: 4-Stroke 
   - Fuel Tank Capacity: Petrol/ Octane, 25L
   - Operating time: 6 hours at rated load.

   Start :
 Starting System
 Electric & Recoil Start
 Ignition :
 Ignition Mode  Transistorized Magneto
 Fuel :
 Fuel Tank capacity
 Fuel Option
 Fuel Consumption
 2.6 L/Hr. at rated load
 Time :
 Operating Time
 6 Hours at rated load
 Battery :
 Battery rating  12 Volt, 9 Ah
 Engine :
 Engine Type  Single cylinder; 4-stroke gasoline engine
 Engine Displacement
 337 cc
 Engine Model
 Engine oil capacity  1 L
 Cooling system  Air cooling
 Shaft position  Horizontal shaft
 Load Capacity :
 Capacity Output (Rated)
 4000 Watt
 Capacity Output (Maximum)
 4500 Watt
 Frequency :
 Frequency in hertz
 50 Hz
 Voltage :
 Rated output voltage
 Speed :
 Speed per miniute
 3000 RPM
 Carton Dimension (mm)
 Length  695 mm
 Width  530 mm
 Height  585 mm
 Product Dimension (mm)
 Length  675 mm
 Width  520 mm
 Height  550 mm
 Weight (kg)
 Gross Weight  80.90 kg
 Net Weight   73.65 kg

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Warranty Information:


1 Year

Engine Spare Parts

1 Year

After Sales Service

1 Year


Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

Basic Specification
Type Gasoline Generator
Starting System Electric Start
Engine 4- Stroke
Fuel Tank Capacity Petrol/Octane, 25L
Fuel Consumption 2.31L/hr
Operating time 8 hours continuous
Capacity Output(Maximum) 4500 Watt