• Self Tapping screw

Self Tapping screw

- ​Different head, driver styles are available upon customer requirement
- Size range: M2-M6 length 6mm-75mm as per Metric Standard
- Size No. #2 to #14 and length from 1/2'' upto 3" as per Inch Standard

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- Sheet metal, plastic parts

 Items  Description
 Thread Size  M2-M6, Size no.#2- #14
 Length  4mm-50mm,1/8”-2”
 Head design  Pan, Truss, Pan Washer, Countersunk, No Countersunk, Flat, Oval
 Driver type  Phillips, Combination, External Hexalobular, Socket, Pozidrive
 Point style  A type point, B type point, AB type point
 Material  Aluminum de-oxidized steel (SWRCH18A)/ Boron steel (10B21)
 Surface Hardness   Min. 450HV (HV 0.5)
 Core hardness  Max. 390 HV (HV 0.5)
 Surface treatment   Zn electroplating with white/black/seven color
 SST  Min. 96 hours against R2 for Zn coating
 Application  Sheet metal works, Plastic parts, Thai aluminum works
 Package  300*225*125 (20 Kg small items); 375*275*145 (20 Kg); 430*370*115 (24 Kg)