WALTON LED TV gives you crystal clear pictures with dynamic, vibrant and life-like saturation to make pictures more realistic & comfortable to watch. High resolution display powered with Dolby Sound Technology, you will get the unparallel entertainment experience surely!

Basic LED TV in Bangladesh

As the demand for TV kept rising, new technologies kept on being introduced to enhance the performance of television. Everyday experts are coming up with new cutting edge technologies to upgrade the existing technology for a better user experience.

A proof of this transformation of technology is when you don’t see that black and white heavy and fat box that shows you moving images from the 19th century. Now, this has become more advanced and therefore more colorful, slim, and lightweight. Introducing to you Walton Basic LED TV in Bangladesh.

History of Basic LED TV in Bangladesh

Television first came to existence in the form of a huge fat box that showed the content in black and white. However, the development of technology brought more color in the content as the colored tv was introduced in the market. After controlling the market for a very long time, a new upgrade for television came into play.

LCD Television was introduced and this captured the attention of the users. Not long before the latest technology of LED has been added to the TVs and thus once again another breakthrough in the world of TV was seen. Now, LED TV has taken over the market with its demand rising higher than ever. LED Tv is now considered basic TV and is called Basic TV in Bangladesh.

For those of you who have just heard of LED TV but aren’t familiar with how it works, here is a little insight into the mechanism of Basic LED TV in Bangladesh.

LED TV is the kind of television that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to backlight the display. It is a kind of LCD television but uses the LEDs to work. LEDs have significantly lower power requirements and convert power to light more efficiently so that less is lost as heat and focus it more precisely so that there is less light leakage, which can cause fuzziness. An LED also lasts much longer than most other lighting technologies.

Features of Basic LED TV in Bangladesh

When you are using Walton’s Basic LED TV, you’ll be filled with the best and most exciting features the television has to offer. Here are some of the features of Walton Basic LED TV.
• Low Cost- The price tag of Walton Basic LED tv is very much within the price range of everyone. Anyone can buy Walton’s Basic LED TV according to their budget.
• High Resolution- Even with the simplest Basic LED TV you can enjoy your favorite shows at 720p resolution. As you pick your way towards the latest versions of Walton TV, you get to experience higher resolution. Thanks to Walton’s International standards, you get to experience more lifelike colors on your TV.
• Stylish Narrow Bezel- The trendy narrow bezel allows more focus on the screen by cutting down on the thick borders. The wide viewing angles establish a border perspective so that the viewers can enjoy the details on the screen even when their positions are at the corner of the room.
• Easy to set- The distinct design of Walton LED TV along with the elegant stand makes is stylish TV that can easily blend into different environments. There is also an option to mount the TV on the wall by easily separating the stand and attaching it to the bracket for pleasurable viewing.
• Best Audio Quality- The integrated speakers are located at the bottom of the TV and delivers the focused sound accurately.
• Variety of Extensions- Now it is easier than ever to attach external smart devices to the TV without having to worry about the ports. It is no longer a hassle to attach a home theatre system with, high-speed HDMI cable. AV in/out or USBs, as they all are compatible with the TV. Don’t miss out on any movies or shows as you can just download them and use a pen drive to watch it in high resolution on Walton Basic LED TV.
• Assorted Content- Walton Basic LED TV supports a wide range of multimedia so that the users no longer need to compromise with entertainment. All you need to do is plug in your USB stick, select your desired content, and press play to enjoy it.

Basic LED TV price in Bangladesh

Basic LED TV Price in Bangladesh varies with the model of the TV that you desire. Each model has different features in it for which the LED TV price in Bangladesh varies. If you are looking for a LED TV with the latest technology and the most cutting edge features, we have that for you.
Walton gives the best basic LED TV price in Bangladesh when compared to others. Maintaining international standards, Walton has the most features with an affordable budget. Walton Basic LED TV price in Bangladesh price begins with as low as 12,900 BDT only.

Walton Basic LED TV in Bangladesh

Walton, the No 1 electronic brand in Bangladesh is always coming up with electronic gadgets that exceed the expectation of the people. Basic LED TV is one of those successes that Walton has successfully delivered to its customers. With the cutting edge features and the latest technology used to ensure international standards, Walton is the leading brand in the world of Television in Bangladesh. Not only does Walton produce the best LED TV, they also provide Guarantee on their product to ensure you of its long lasting quality and features. Walton is a brand that you can heavily rely on. If you are looking for a more advanced technology television, check out our Smart TVs!

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