Fan in Bangladesh

Every house in Bangladesh has a fan. The reason is very obvious. Fan is the cheapest source to cool you down when you feel hot. Fan in Bangladesh therefore is a very common home appliance that you will find in every house.
Several residences nowadays have ceiling fans; also those with the advantage of an excellent, fresh breeze have them. Fans are the most affordable form of air conditioning, yet they additionally have the fringe benefit of enabling the air to freely circulate in your house. From ancient times, fans were made use of to help manage tropical heat, however did you know you can also use your fan in winter with excellent benefit?

Here are some of the benefits of have fan at your home.

Cool you down- During the summer time merely having a ceiling fan on can make the space feel up to 8 degrees cooler than what it is. Since the cooler air is near the floor, and also depending upon which direction your ceiling fan is spinning, it can either drag this air up (cooling down the area) or push the warmer air down in winter. Leaning the blade sides of your fan down and then permitting it to turn either clockwise for heat or anticlockwise to cool offers this amazing result. The turning additionally creates a "breeze" which can assist with stodginess in the room, which is always handy.
Energy Saving- Utilizing a fan can also save you approximately 40% on your electrical power costs, helping your air conditioning so your AC device will not need to function so tough thanks to that 8 degrees difference from the fan. There's absolutely nothing claiming that you cannot also run the two together to get this, or just count on the fan alone if it isn't also warm.
A reliable backup- If your Air Conditioning system goes out you'll additionally have a back-up rather than being stuck suppressing without any form of cooling in the house. The best fan can produce much more efficiency by spinning 15% more than other ceiling fans. When purchasing fans you're also likely to spend much less, than having to purchase as well as mount an air conditioning system, as well as even if you already have it you'll be balancing out the cost with the savings off of your electrical power costs.
Child Safety- A well-constructed ceiling fan can likewise be a wonderful security attribute. Numerous flooring fans can tip and also break quickly, and also can be fairly unsafe with young children around, with those quick blades spinning round as well as round. By having the fan on the ceiling there are most likely to be much fewer crashes, since it will be up and out of everybody's means. Most fans are positioned about 12 inches below the ceiling so it is unlikely to mistakenly touch it, unless of course, you're a titan. This can likewise make the residence seem less littered with cooling and heating devices.
Elevate home beauty- Among the most neglected advantages of ceiling fans nevertheless is merely the aesthetic enhancement. Having a home that looks nice is not only pleasing to the eye. Fans can be found in a selection of forms and styles that can fit any type of home, with popular brand names and loads of styles, some consisting of lights and other flexible options. The selection is your own!
The practical advantages of ceiling fans can be felt in both winter and summer season, by providing a visually pleasing and cost effective option for your house heating & cooling.

Walton Fan in Bangladesh

Walton is the number 1 electronics brand in Bangladesh who is manufacturing the best fan in Bangladesh for every house to enjoy the cheapest cooling system. Not only is Walton providing the cheapest fan price in Bangladesh, but also keeping their standards very high for an optimum level of performance. Walton fans provide you will constant air that will help you to cool down faster. As well as Walton fans are every energy efficient therefore saving your utility bills. Walton has varieties of fans for you to choose from.
Here are the Walton Fans you can choose from
• Ceiling Fan
• Rechargeable Fan
• Rechargeable Wall Fan
• Pedestal Fan
• Tornado Fan
• Wall Fan
• Table Fan
• Exhaust Fan
• Net Fan

Features of Walton Fan in Bangladesh

Why should you choose Walton’s fans? Well simply because it comes in the cheapest fan price in Bangladesh and has the best features mentioned below.
• State-of-the art high pressure cold chamber die casting machine is being used for body parts and rotor casting
• Cutting edge progressive technology is used for motor lamination
• Inline varnish process to ensure superior quality
• Made by super enameled copper (99.9% pure copper)
• Aero-dynamically designed blades for high velocity air
• Best quality coating powder is used for better finishing
• No inflammable material is used
• Precision sealed bearing for long lasting
• Lowest power consumption

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