Walton Television Export began in Germany in the country of Europe. This created a new horizon in the country's television production industry. This will make the Walton Made in Bangladesh tag marketing expansion program in Europe much easier. The foreign exchange reserves will rise. The image of Bangladesh will be bright in developed countries.

It is known that almost all machines of the Walton factory were manufactured in Germany. Walton products are the best quality in the world. Therefore, the German buyers are more interested in Walton products. [1 9659002] On Saturday (April 20, 2015) in Gazipur, a ceremony was held on Saturday at the Walton TV Manufacturing unit titled "Inauguration of Symanti of Television Export to the Federal Republic of Germany". This was the main guest of German Deputy Head of Mission Michael Schulthahis in Dhaka. The Managing Director of Walton High-Tech Industries Limited, SM Ashraful Alam, and the Director Risa Sigma Hima and the wife of Michael Schulthyce, Charlotte Clemensen, were present. The export program of Walton TV in Germany began with the cutting of cakes and ribbons.

Walton International Business Unit President Edward Kim, the company's executive director, was present on this occasion. Humayun Kabir, Uday Hakim, Golam Murshed, Alamgir Alam Sarkar, Yusuf Ali and Amin Khan, Deputy Executive Director Firoz Alam, Media Advisor Enayet Ferdous and others. Walton is making a big goal. Walton contributes to the economy through the production and export of high quality products. Germany is the second largest export market in the world in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, Bangladesh's export sector was dependent on the clothing sector. Walton launched the new export sector of electronic products in Germany. Trade relations between the two countries will be strengthened.

German Deputy Head of Mission Michael Schulthaes, Managing Director of Walton High-Tech Industries Ltd, SM Ashraful Alam, Director of Risa Sigma Hima, Director of Walton TV Export, inaugurated in Germany.

Walton's German market leader, Tausif al-Mahmood, said this through TV exports in Germany Walton opens a new horizon This will facilitate the expansion of electronic products in Bangladesh in Europe.

He said that Walton's TV, Refrigerator and AC will be available on Amazon's Eve this year, the largest online shopping company in the world. Walton products can be purchased by customers from all European countries.

Walton IBU Division Leader Abdur Rouf, responsible for Australia, Europe, and North and South America, said a first step in a German company's purchase of 3,600 Walton televisions. This year, they will receive more than a lakh TV from Walton.

Mustafa Nahid Hossain, Walton Television's Chief Executive Officer, said Walton Television had been formed to international standards. Walton TVs save energy. Free from harmful chemicals and maximum safety measures. As a result, Walton has received CE, HRS, EMC, etc. certification in television production and export.

German Deputy Head of Mission Signs Michael Schulthahis and His Wife at Compo TV at the Walton Display Center

Walton Ibui President Edward Kim said Walton's goal to reach the world's top 5 brands by 2030 was Waltons. Walton plans to export $ 10 million worth of merchandise this year. Export of $ 100 million worth of goods by 2021 is under way.

It has been announced that the Advanced Suite Advanced Advanced HADS (High Advance Super Dimension Switch) and IPS (In Plan Switching) panels in ISO 7 dust-free cleanroom are being created at the Walton TV production unit in Chandra. Walton does. There are separate production lines with motherboard, display, remote control, speakers, housing and accessories for televisions. There are all the latest tech machines in the world with Surface Mounting Technologies in German technology. These instruments will make standard international television available to local and global markets.

Previously, the German Deputy Head of Mission had reached the factory premises and enjoyed the video documentation of Walton's great work. After the TV export in Germany they visited the decorated product exhibition center of Walton. Later, guests visited Walton's world-class refrigerator compressors, air conditioners, LED TVs, etc. in the production process.