Walton brand products have won the hearts of millions and would be exported to many countries including Japan due to its high quality. Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Shiro Sadoshimo said this while talking to the newsmen after visiting the electronics and automobile factory Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. at Chandra, Kaliakair in Gazipur on Tuesday. There is a great possibility for Walton products to be exported in Japan as Bangladesh and Japan have a good friendly relation for a long time and have huge opportunities for co-operation in different fields like trade; he added. If Bangladesh and Japan work together the economic expansion of the two countries will be more progressive, he pointed out. The Japanese envoy assured the Walton authority for providing all kinds of technical supports to develop the production facilitates and other supports to promote Walton products in Japanese market. At this time he went round different units of the factory equipped by the state-of-art technology that manufactures fridge, motorcycle and air-conditioners with Miki Yamamato, economic counselor of the Japanese embassy, S M Shamsul Alam, Chairman of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd, S M Ashraful Alam, Managing Director, Lokman Hossain Akash, Chief of Walton International Marketing Department and Enayet Ferdous, media adviser accompanied the Japanese envoy during the visit. Some Japanese companies have expressed their interest in importing Walton products from Bangladesh, Lokman Hossain Akash informed this while mentioning that the company has acquired positive image in international market for its electronics, electrical and automobile products.Senior Deputy Director and Chief of Creative & Publication, Uday Hakim has said Walton factory uses more American and German technology compared to the Japanese technology. Shiro Sadoshimo remarks that the visit will not only increase the use of Japanese technology in Walton factory but also create an opportunity to export Walton products in Japan. The visit is also an initiative to increase trade relation and technological cooperation between these two countries.