Walton, the country’s leading brand of electrical, electronics, automobile and home appliance products, has been honoured with the ‘Award for Brand Excellence in Consumer Durables Sector’ by World Brand Congress for gaining customers’ confidence.

Two representatives of Walton received the award at a gala event held at Pan Pacific in Singapore on July 31. 

Humayun Kabir, executive director of Public Relations and Media Department of Walton, and Firoj Alam, deputy director, received the award from Virginia Sharma, marketing director for Asia Pacific region of LinkedIn, and Ned Mody, country head of Berkadia.

The World Brand Congress conducts a research on leading brands worldwide every year and honours the world’s elites. This year research has found that due to highly improved quality, affordable price, after-sales-service and some other features, Walton brand products have gained huge popularity in Bangladesh. 

The World Brand Congress has honoured Walton considering some factors such as ISO standard service management system, rapid market expansion, occupying the lion share of local market, export to foreign countries and overall customers’ satisfaction.

Brand That’s Last:  A total of 500 world renowned brands participated in the 23rd edition of the World Brand Congress under the theme ‘Role of Sustainability in Innovative Branding’ held in Singapore. Walton of Bangladesh secured the top position in the category of brand excellence in consumer durables sector.

Humayun Kabir said, “This award has proved that Walton brand is the top and most popular brand not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. It is also proved that Walton has been able to secure its position in global arena. It has increased our responsibility to customers”.
“It is our aim to expand our market to worldwide and continue gaining customers’ confidence. All the members of Walton family will continue their efforts to uphold the best position and honour”, he also said.

Firoj Alam said, “I was glad at seeing Walton beside the world renowned brands. I believe that this award will help Walton gain confidence of global consumers and go ahead to become the world’s top brand”.

According to sources, Walton has already occupied 70 percent local market of electronics and electrical products. Walton brand refrigerator, television, mobile, motorcycle and home appliances have gained huge popularity among the local customers due to high improved quality, ISO standard service centres and affordable prices. Due to its world standard quality, Walton brand products are now being exported to different countries of the world.