- Refrigerant Type: R600a  
    - Cooling Capacity: 202W
    - COP: 1.8 W/W

 Type  Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor
 Refrigerant  R600a
 Nominal Voltage and Frequency  200-240/50 [V/Hz]
 Application Type  Low back pressure
 Max Condensing temperature  60 [°C]
 Evaporating temperature range  (-10 [°C] ─ -35[°C] )
 Max Ambient temperature  43 [°C]
 Maximum winding temperature  130 [°C]
 Expansion device  Capillary Tube
 Compressor cooling  Static
 Performance Data
 Test standard  ASHRAE 
 Cooling Capacity (W) [with capacitor]  202
 Power consumption (W) [with capacitor]  112
 COP (W/W) [with capacitor]  1.8
 Rated Current (A)  0.54
 Mechanical Data
 Displacement volume  11.1 [cmᶾ]
 Net weight  9.3 [Kg]
 Oil type  Mineral
 Oil charge  165 [ml]
 Oil viscosity  5 [cst]
 Suction muffler  Semi Direct
 Length, L  194.2 [mm]
 Width, W  151.5 [mm]
 Height, H  167 [mm]

Metrology Lab:
Height gauge: Accuracy- (1.1+0.6L/600) µm.
Vision measuring system: Accuracy- (1.9+L/100)
 µm,1D and (2.9+L/100) µm.
CNC CMM: Accuracy- (1.8+L/300) µm.
Surface roughness and Contour machine: Accuracy- Roughness 0.25 µm and Contour 0.50 µm.
Roundness machine: Accuracy 0.25 µm.


Materials Testing and Analysis Lab:
 Wire Testing Facilities
 Hardness Testing Facilities
 Macro and Micro Analysis facilities
 Spring Testing Facilities
 Gasket Thickness Measurement Machine

And also contains versatile testing machines for checking different raw materials characteristics


Performance Test Lab: 
 Calorimeter: Accuracy – 0.5% Repeatability
 Overload Test Machine
 Quick Test Machine
 Locked Rotor Test Machine
 OLP Test Machine


Noise Testing Chamber:
 Testing facilities for the measurement of Noise, Vibration and Gas pulsation
 Background Noise Level < 10dB
 Standard : ISO 3744


Life Testing Machine:
 258 benches are dedicated to perform Wear, High Temperature and ON/OFF Test
 Standard: CECOMAF GT4