If you are seeking the ultimate comfort for your home or office environment, WALTON’s innovative air conditioners come in handy with a variety of updated technology, which reduces energy consumption and provides faster cooling as well as smart control. So, with the air conditioner, it will help you to stay cool in the humid summers.


Light Commercial Air Conditioner


Air Conditioner in Bangladesh

In a country like Bangladesh where the most time of the year is hot, there is a high demand for an air conditioner in Bangladesh. Not only because of the hot weather, but air conditioners can also benefit you in many other ways.
Many houses now have an air conditioner in their rooms. If not one for each room, they at least have one air conditioner in the house where the entire family can sit down together and enjoy the coolness after a long hot day. This is why people are in search of the best air conditioner in Bangladesh for their homes.
An air conditioner in Bangladesh is not only used at homes but in offices, educational institutes, and other industrial and commercial places as well. This cooling machine has become a part of our everyday lives. Almost all the offices or workplaces in the country have an air conditioner installed. Hospitals cabins also have ACs installed in them for people who would like to get admitted there. And therefore people are seen to buy an air conditioner.

Walton Air Conditioner (AC) in Bangladesh

Walton, the No 1 electronics brand in Bangladesh is proud to present to you the best air conditioner in Bangladesh. Walton AC uses the latest technology that gives it many features making you want to buy this air conditioner without a doubt. Walton ACs are smart air conditioners that can detect the change in temperature to provide you with the desired coolness that you have set. Compared to others, Walton manufactures the best quality air conditioner in Bangladesh making this brand a front runner in the AC market.

Types of Walton Air conditioner in Bangladesh

Keeping different environment and locations as well as the purpose in mind, Walton came up with 3 types of air conditioner.
• Split AC- Walton offers Eco friendly split Air Conditioners that provides clean and healthy air for your family. Our Twin fold Inverter Technology saves up to 60% electricity. Control you AC from anywhere through IoT Smart Control by using Smart Phone. Walton Twin fold Inverter AC has Horizontal & Vertical swing which enable the air to guide/swing in four directions. You will feel the same comfort at every corner of the room.
• Cassette/Ceiling AC- Walton Offers elegant design Cassette and ceiling AC to meet the requirement of style and quality. Its stylish louver and body will add a different dimension to the decoration of your Office, restaurant, and showroom. These Air Conditioners provides the protection against high voltage and low voltage condition. These types of AC come with condenser and evaporator made from 100% copper tube and anticorrosive hydrophilic golden fin to ensure heat transfer.
• Industrial HVAC- Walton HVAC solutions offer VRF and chiller for air conditioning - residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology provides an alternative realistic choice to traditional central system. Walton VRF offers individual zone control ability for your mid-size and large buildings. Unique design of the system provides high performance and reliability. Walton chiller provide high quality solution for air conditioning and various industry type process cooling and heating.

AC Price in Bangladesh

Walton ac price in Bangladesh depends on the size of the ac that you are looking for as well as the type of AC that you want to buy. The inverter AC price in BD is higher than the non-inverter AC because, in inverter AC, inverter technology is used to save your electricity bills. And adding this technology adds the expense. Below are the prices of Walton Split AC that it begins with. • 1 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 35,000. • 1.5 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 49,500. • 2 TON AC price in Bangladesh- It begins with as low as TK 56,900

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