• 1.5 Ton Air-Condition Outdoor Motor (WM1.5W35)

​1.5 Ton Air-Condition Outdoor Motor (WM1.5W35)

- Safety thermal protector 
- High quality varnish 
- High quality bearing

- Performance Test
- Life Test
- Dielectric Strength Test
- Insulation Resistance Test
- Noise Test
- Vibration Test
Warranty Information:

- Replacement Warranty:
2 Years
Note: This warranty does not cover any damage due to accident, electricity fault, natural causes or negligence. And Authority keeps the power to change, expend, correction, stop or cancel the warranty period without any prior notice.

Air-Conditioner outdoor Unit

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Product Link-  https://waltonbd.com/air-conditioner

- Optimum Efficiency
- Very Low noise
- High longevity
- H class super enameled copper wire
- High Grade Silicon steel
- High Class Bearing
- Safety Thermal Protector