• Power Master WB1275 Power Master WB1275
    Power Master WB1275

 Power Master WB1275

   - Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
   - Long Back up time and Extended Life
   - Non-Spillable battery

    Tk. 1,350

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 Nominal voltage  6 cell, 12 Volt
 Nominal Capacity  20 Hour, 7.5 AH
 2150 ± 20 grams
 Internal Resistance
 Fully charge Battery, 35 
 Maximum Charging Current
  2.25 A
 Float Charging Voltage
 14.4~14.8 VDC
 Product Dimension  Length- 151 mm
 Width- 65 mm
 Height- 94 mm
 Terminal  F2

-> Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
-> Emergency backup power supply
-> Emergency light
-> Alarm and security system
-> Aircraft signal
-> Electronic apparatus and equipment
-> Electric Power System (EPS)

- Maintenance free (No water topping-up required)
- Long Back up time & Extended Life
- PbCaSn alloy for plate grids.
- Non-Spillable battery.
- Low self-discharge rate, lower than 3% capacity loss per month due to high quality raw materisl
- Usable in any orientation (excluding used inverted).
- Absorbent Glass Mat technology for efficient gas recombination which extends cycle life and prevent micro short circuit.
- Designed as per IEC 61096-2   & JIS C8702-01 Standard
- Flame-retardant ABS material increases the strength of battery container.
- Silver-coated copper terminals for improving the electric conductivity.