• WBU12200

 Power Master WBU12200

    Tk. 33,490

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 Nominal voltage  12 Volt
 Nominal Capacity  200 AH @ 10Hour
 59.05 ± 0.10 Kg
 Maximum Charging Current
 60 A
 Float Charging Voltage
 14.3~14.8 VDC
 Product Dimension  Length- 522 mm
 Width- 240 mm
 Height- 224 mm
 Terminal  Silver Coated Copper

 Online UPS,
 Home IPS (IPS machine must be compatible for VRLA battery),
 Solar system (Controller must be compatible for VRLA battery)

- Pb-Ca alloy grid, high corrosion resistant performance, less gassing, less self-discharging

- Precision sealing technology, flexible installation

- High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit

- High purity raw material: ensure low self-discharge rate

- Excellent charge acceptance ability