• USB Cable-Type-C & B – 2A USB Cable-Type-C & B – 2A USB Cable-Type-C & B – 2A
    USB Cable-Type-C & B – 2A

Product Details

Product Name: Walton USB Cable-Type-C & B – 2A


2A Current max. Data charging cable 1 meter. Support 2A high current fast charging and data transmission, multiple security protection, Non-damage fast charging and real time fast data synchronization. Cable is made of 22 AWG high quality tinned copper for charging & 30 AWG for data Transmission. Made of environmental friendly lead free Flame Retardant TPE compound for cable sheathing, halogen free PE material for insulation, easy to store and good insulation performance. Ergonomic tip, easy to plug and unplug. Strong & Flexible 100% conductive tinned cu wire so long life span.



Conductor         - Class 6 Flexible Tinned Copper/Copper Conductor

Insulation         -   Halogen-Free Polyethylene (PE)

Insulation shield- Copolymer Al Foil

Outer jacket     -    Lead-Free FR Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)


Insulation         - For charging: Red & Black

                             For data transfer: White & Green

Outer Jacket   -   Black & White

MANUFACTURING PARTS: Tinned copper conductor, Cables outer jacket, PE master batch

IMPORT PARTS: Insulation- polyethylene (PE), Aluminium foil tape

PROBABLE ETP: 150 – 190 taka

REF. SAMPLE: Advanced Telecom

CURRENT STATUS: Product available

Charging status High current, Fast charging
Data Transfer Real time fast data Synchronization & Transmission
Max. DC Resistance at 20°C 61 ohm/Km
Min. Insulation Resistance Ki at 20°C 35 M. Ohm-Km
DC Voltage Withstand for 1 minute 500 V

- Fast charging efficiency.
- Transfer data at a high speed.
- Improved durability.