Stylish and efficient, WALTON Non-Frost Refrigerator adds style to any kitchen and offers a host of interior features that save you space and energy. It helps keep the food you love, fresher for longer time intervals. With Intelligent Inverter Technology and Nano technology, it is a guarantee that you can store your food and retain the quality without any worries.













Non-Frost Refrigerator | Walton

Walton, as everyone knows, is the Best Refrigerator brand in Bangladesh. Walton fridge is proud to present to all the new, latest Nano Healthcare Technology Non-Frost Refrigerator. It is a very common thing that the importance of a refrigerator is very high, especially in South Asian countries. Everyone looks for the best fridge for their food preserving solution. Walton’s Nano Technology and stylish design surely grab the market. Customers are attracted to such fine quality with its unbelievable never seen before features. When you have both the latest technology and design, you really don’t need anything else. Walton Fridge has been elevating the class of kitchen outlook for decades now. And with the upcoming designs, it expects to continue upgrading your kitchen style.

As important as it is, refrigerators are very important for families to ensure that they can preserve their food. Features are taken into account while shopping for your most perfect Icebox to make your life easy. So keeping the key features into consideration that the customers seek, Walton is proud to present to you their New and Latest Nano Technology class elevating Non-frost Refrigerator. It’s time to preserve your food for a longer period of time, maintaining the freshness of it throughout the period. The unique features of this fridge make it the most ideal food preserving mechanism for families.

As mentioned earlier, the features of a fridge are very much important before purchasing them. Let us take a dive into the details of a Non-frost refrigerator that makes it the ideal fridge. These details will help you with your question about why you should take one with you to your home right now.

What is a Non-Frost Refrigerator?

As the name suggests, the Non-frost Refrigerator is the kind of refrigerator where you will not see any formation of the frost on the surface of the food. This important factor keeps the food fresh at all times as the food won’t get any freezer burn. Freezer burn is a condition that takes place on foods, especially when the food has been damaged. This happens by dehydration and oxidation as the food was not wrapped securely in an airtight package. Using a non-frost refrigerator you don’t have to worry about freezer burn and also about defrosting the food manually. You don’t have this unique feature in Direct Cool Refrigerator.

How Does Frost Free Refrigerator Work?

The operating system in refrigerators varies from the refrigerator to refrigerator according to the type they are. A frost-free refrigerator will work in a way that is different from a direct cool fridge because of its automatic defrosting quality. A Frost-free refrigerator has hidden cooling coils and the electric fans in it are used to blow the cold air into the compartments. A frost-free has 3 parts that are used to help it operate. Those are the 3 main parts actually. These 3 components control the defrosting factor. The 3 parts are:

• Heating coil- This component is responsible for heating or increasing the temperature for melting the ice or frost that forms. The heating coil is wrapped around the freezer coils.

• Timer – The work of the timer is to time and operate the heating coil. Basically the timer turns on the heating coil on a regular interval let’s say after every six hours.

• Temperature sensor- This device is responsible for sensing the temperature increase due to the heating coil. Once the sensor senses that the temperature has reached the set limit, it shuts down the heating coil. Basically this sensor acts as an off switch for the heating coil.

Features of Non-Frost Refrigerator

There are lots of reasons why one would like to buy this fridge. The features of this fridge are very unique from the others and are the reason why it makes it the ideal food preserving mechanism. The other attractive features of this fridge also add up in making it the ideal catch. Here are some of the eye-grabbing features of this fridge.

• The cooling is done with the electric fans installed in it.

• The inverter technology of the fridge helps save electricity. Making it a cost-effective method for preserving food.

• A variety of models available for example, double door, triple door and not to mention side by side door fridges. Choose whichever satisfies your needs.

• The technology used in this fridge is used for fridges with higher capacity. That means you get higher capacity in these refrigerators.

• This piece of technology is the best if you want to keep your food fresh for a long time. Since you don’t have to worry about freezer burn, the freshness of the food is maintained throughout the period it is kept in.

• The best feature of all is the automated defrosting system. You don’t have to manually go and defrost which can be a pain at times. This quality also adds in keeping the food fresh.

• The coils are hidden there for no dust can accumulate in it. Saves you from constant cleaning check.

• Best choice for larger families.

Non-frost Refrigerator price in Bangladesh

The price of the refrigerator in Bangladesh varies. The reason being is that each Non-frost refrigerator is of different models and therefore they have different features as well. Based on the features and the model the price actually varies. Once you visit the showroom and compare Walton Fridge with other brands, you’ll see that Walton sells a low price fridge in BD. Only in Walton, you can get the latest Nano Technology refrigerators at the most available price. A low price fridge in BD is hard to find nowadays with all your desired features and design. Luckily, Walton the best Refrigerator brand is here with all in one solution for your that makes your shopping affordable and stylish. Elevate your kitchen class in the most affordable refrigerator in Bangladesh.

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