Golam Murshed, a fresh mechanical engineering graduate from the Islamic University of Technology, was frantically looking for a job when he stumbled upon this advertisement – Walton, a household electronic product company, was looking for assistant engineers. Murshed applied and appeared for an interview. Few days later, he received a phone call confirming him as a fresher in the company. At the age of 21 years, Murshed began his career in 2010. Nine years down the line at the age of 30, he now heads the same Walton as its Managing Director, a company that has now swelled to a market capitalization of Tk37,000 crore. Murshed is probably Bangladesh's youngest MD to head such a giant company that controls over 60% of the electronic household product market.
To achieve this feat, he did not need any family connection – actually he comes from a very modest background with his father being a journalist in Chapainawabganj, a north-western district of Bangladesh. His father Monirul Islam has been serving as a journalist of local newspapers and is a key member of the Chapainawabganj Press Club. He finished his school from Harimohan Govt High School in 2004 in Chapainawabganj Sadar and college from Notre Dame College in Dhaka.
His achievement comes solely from his dedication and talent, his intuitive but clear thinking, his ability to see the opportunity that is yet to unfold and make out the future even when the future is veiled in haze. In an interview with The Business Standard, Golam Murshed said, "Hard work is the key to my success. The success is due to owning the organization, working without any certain office hours and consistency." "Fascination with work than an academic degree, perseverance in decision making and I must do it – these three have brought me to this position," he added
Golam Murshed said after finishing graduation at the end of 2010, he had been trying to get a job like others. After seeing a vacancy advertisement, he applied to Walton and got recruited. "I took the job as my way of life after joining. I made it a routine to wake up early in the morning to go to the office and return home at night. After finishing regular work hours, everyone returned home. But I started spending time at production units. Learning the work became my addiction which brought me to the top." He changed the joining department- research and development- soon and started screening his charismatic leadership with the production unit as its in-charge. That was the fortuitous reason for Murshed to be an innovative leader. "Maybe the authorities found the quality of leading the production team in me. The very first piece of product of Walton AC came by hand. It is an unforgettable memory for me," Murshed said. After working in the AC production of Walton for over two years, Murshed went into refrigerator production with the approval of the authorities, because the fridge production procedures seemed dynamic to him. I was not shilly-shallied to take the charge of the most important and complex line of fridge production, he adding I think there were more challenges here. The challenges, however, were immense. I was fortunate that the authorities gave me that opportunity to accept. The production was almost doubled in a year after Murshed took charge of that production line in the refrigerator manufacturing plant.
"Of course, everyone in the team contributed. This was made possible because my colleagues were willing to follow my instructions," Murshed said. Soon after the then former managing director of Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC gave Murshed the responsibility of business operations while working with the fridge production line. The revolutionary changes were made in his career three years later; when he was appointed as the Managing director (MD) of the refrigerator department. With tremendous performance by Golam Murshed, Walton authorities appointed him as Managing Director of the leading electronics products manufacturer on October 8, 2020. Prior to this appointment, he had also been promoted as the company's additional managing director (AMD). "I think the former MD had faith and trust in me. He wanted me to get involved on a larger scale" Murshed Said.
"Becoming MD of the refrigerator department was my turning point in course to be AMD and MD. As an associate of the then MD, I've experienced in all fields from R&D to production, planning, finance, marketing, management etc. that led my jobs getting easier" he added. As the MD of WHIL, Golam Murshed is leading the company like the captain of a ship. His strategies, aggressive marketing, more emphasis on research and development along with innovation is driving Walton to new heights thanks to a very supporting team of more than 25,000 skilled manpower. At present, Golam Murshed's main concern is to make Walton as one of the top global electronic brands by 2030. He has set his plans and is working accordingly to achieve the target. He has increased the R&D facilities, capital investment and global export to attain the goal. "The initiators of the organization dreamt big for the nation and the common people's need for hi-tech products. Now the time has come to go global. We are already exporting our goods to more than 40 countries around the world including the western region. It's not far away when the whole world will know Bangladesh as a technology developed country rich in hi-tech industry. That his target is to make Walton one of the top global electronics brands by 2030, " said Golam Murshed

About Walton
Walton is the most popular name of electronics, electrical, home appliance and ICT product manufacturer in Bangladesh.
At present, Walton holds almost three-fourths of the total share of the local refrigerator market. It has also gained a significant presence in the television and air conditioner markets, with 40% and 22% shares respectively. The local brand now eyes a one-fourth share in the domestic market for lifts even though it's a new entrant to this market segment.
Apart from supplying high standard consumer goods to the domestic electronic market, Walton has ensured over 25 thousand direct and about 1 lakh indirect employment for people. Walton's marketing network spans the country, with more than 350 sales points called Walton Plaza and over 25 thousand dealers. "Walton will be synonymous to Bangladesh when people talk about technology, innovation and new ideas. I want to carry the flag of Bangladesh in every corner of the world through 'Made in Bangladesh' labeled hi-tech products" Said Golam Murshed," said Golam Murshed. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. is creating new records at the country's stock markets. WHIL debuted its shares trading in the two stock exchanges on September 23, 2020. For the consecutive trading days following the debut, prices of Walton's each share were increased up to the highest limit of circuit breaker. According to stock exchange sources, Walton share price was Tk 1,221.80 with a face value of Tk10 each. As per values of its shares, the company's market capital now stands at Tk37,012 crores. Walton gave a 200% dividend to its investors last year.