The country’s local electronics giant Walton is now offering its produced LED (Light Emitting Diode) television at the same prices of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions.

Now, the customers who are belonging to the lower income group can purchase a Walton brand 19-inch LED television at only Tk 13,900 whereas the prices of CRT television available in the country’s electronics market are above that price. 

According to Walton Group, the production cost of LED television has substantially been come down mainly due to several reasons, including reduction of overhead cost for production hike, adaptation of latest technology in the production process and the increase of workers’ productivity.

Thus, Walton is offering LED television at the same price of CRT television so that the consumers of all classes could get the benefit of advanced technology based television.

Uday Hakim, operative director of Walton Group, said they are working relentlessly for further reducing the prices of the Walton brand LED television through manufacturing panels of the television at their own factory.

Already, they have taken extensive preparation for the production of panels for television, he said and hoped that they would be able to further cut the prices of their LED TV in the coming couple of months.

Hakim also assured that they are manufacturing the LED TV through strictly maintaining the highest quality.

Earlier, the CRT TV dominated the country’s television market as it was very popular among the users. With the much progress of technology, a revolutionary change has been taken place in this sector. Now for better home entertainment, the viewers prefer ultra modern televisions like LCD, LED, OLED and internet facility based Smart TV for its better picture and sound quality. 

Despite having huge demand for LED TV, the viewers could not purchase the imported LED television due its high prices.

Aiming to bring the benefits of technological advancement towards the people’s doorstep, Walton has released its produced LED TV at cheap rate, sometimes lower than the CRT TV prices.

The Walton officials informed that they are selling 19-inch LED TV at only Tk 13,900. Also, the customers can purchase latest technology based world-class 24-inch LED TV at only Tk 19,900 from Walton outlets. Besides, Walton has brought internet facility based Smart TV at only Tk 35,900.

The Walton authority claimed that the quality of Walton brand LED televisions is much better than the imported ones.  And, Walton’s LED TV are energy efficient.

Engr. Mostafa Nahid Hossain, senior assistant director (sourcing engineering dept) of Walton Group, said IPS (In-Plant Switching) technology is being applied in their LED televisions. This technology gives wide viewing angles nearly 170-178-degree angles to the viewers for getting clear and sharper images. 

In addition, the use of Dolby digital sound system, DLED and ELED backlight with dynamic backlight control, high standard mother board and motion picture in Walton LED TV are resulted in delivering incredibly vibrant colour, better sound as well as sharper images.

Mostafa said, “Walton always follows zero tolerance policy to the quality matters and thus never compromise with quality.” 

- 1st of july 2015.
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