Electric appliances in Bangladesh

Electrical appliances are those products that are related to our everyday life. In this 21st century, we can’t imagine life without technology. And to boost up the usage of technology we have electrical appliances playing a vital part. Electrical appliances help us make our lives easier and safer.
In a developing country like Bangladesh, the necessity for electrical appliances and home appliances is very high. In every step, we need the support of electrical appliances to help us with our daily mandatory technology. Whether it is your home, or the office, or any educational institute, or even any place of hospitality, we are heavily dependent on electrical appliances to make our lives easy.

What are electrical appliances?

Any appliance that runs on electricity is known as an electrical appliance. Not necessarily an appliance has to run, whenever any device or gadget helps you with your electricity can also be considered as an electrical appliance.
Whether it is in cooking, or washing clothes, or even turning on something that runs on electricity, we need the help of electrical appliances. Electrical appliances in Bangladesh has a huge demand. As a country that is rising, electricity is being available at every corner of the country giving rise to the demand for electric products in Bangladesh. And to support these electric products, the best electrical appliances are needed.

Walton Electrical appliances in Bangladesh

To meet the increasing demand for quality, Walton brings you the best electrical appliances in Bangladesh. Walton, the No.1 electronic brand in Bangladesh is renowned for manufacturing nothing but the best electronic appliances with other heavy industrial products and home appliances as well. Flexibility, elegance, and functionality make WALTON Electrical Appliances more innovative and ideal for residential and commercial use. The specialties are fire-retardant, shock-proof, eco-friendly & dust-free. Maintaining international standards Walton now is the only leading brand in Bangladesh that is producing the safest technology to enhance everyday life.

Types of Electrical Appliance in Bangladesh

Here are the electrical appliances that you will find at Walton. These are the best electric products in Bangladesh that also come with a guarantee and none the less, at the best electrical appliance price in Bangladesh.

Hardware & Accessories

We offer a complete range of contemporary electrical and hardware accessories, which are available in a variety of finishes to suit the demands of a rapidly changing design market. The Hardware accessories add a class to your house along with the focus on quality and luxury. The hardware and accessories we have are mosquito bat, Bopp tape, voltage tester, and PVC electrical insulation tape. These hardware come into play in our daily lives.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is the newest addition to our electrical appliance in Bangladesh collection. Here, we provide the best quality, long-lasting electric motors mostly used in Fan and Air-conditioner.
Fan Motor is basically used in products that have a fan. If the fan motor goes faulty you can easily replace it with our fan motor rather than purchasing the entire fan again. In this way, you will be able to save a lot more in terms of budget.
Air-condition motor is used in air conditioners whenever the AC-motor goes faulty. With a faulty motor, the AC isn’t able to perform at its best and therefore can’t cool the room and you. All you have to do is just replace the AC motor with ours.

Solar Street light

Light up the neighborhood with Walton’s Solar Street light, designed to brighten up the dark area with an energy saving technology.
Whether it is for your kitchen appliances or for your washing machine, electrical appliances in Bangladesh will always be at the top of the demand chart because of their usefulness. And to meet your demand with quality and luxury, Walton will always be there for you with its international standard products where you can put your trust.

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