The larger-than-life 6-inch Full HD display ensures that the screen will project every pixel with the utmost clarity within a bigger viewing angle. The 2.5D curved glass along with the IPS Technology will stay smooth to the touch while representing a vibrant display of colors and details on the screen with an incomparable and pristine image quality.


After intensive research, the precision behind the accuracy of the design and camera placement on ZX3 are apparent as it speaks for itself. Our engineers are well aware of the fact that capturing an image involves much more than simply pointing the camera in the required direction. Hence, lighting (and backlighting), angles, reflections, zoom and depth of field are all the factors that were taken into consideration prior to the production. The aim was to assure that the overall arrangement is exemplary to attain the ultimate objective.


In this latest edition of the ZX series, we have taken our values and applied them to create a dominant and avant-garde smartphone with the exact precision and skills required. The longer one holds the device, the clearer it becomes that every detail perfected was to construct an elegant sense of consistency and unrivaled user experience.