Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited is manufacturing heavy machines at its machine-making plant at Chandra in Gazipur near the capital Dhaka. Even, mould and dice making machines are manufactured at this plant. It has paved the way of saving huge amount of foreign currency worth millions of Taka in one hand and created great export opportunities on the other.It is learnt that Walton is now making all kinds of light and heavy machineries, except raw materials for manufacturing its products. Walton used to import these machineries from different countries of the world, spending huge amount of money in the past. Now the company itself is making these machineries at its plant. As a result, both production cost and time have gone down significantly.Walton made a shearing machine at its machine-making plant for the first time in Bangladesh last year. Shear cutting is the main machine of making moulds.Engineers working at the machine making plant of Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited, said import of a 6-ft high shearing machine usually require Tk 30 lakh. But, manufacturing of this machine at Walton factory costs Tk 7 lakh to Tk 8 lakh only.On the other hand, they said about Tk 40 lakh to Tk 45 lakh is required to import a high-powered power-press machine, though Walton is making this machine spending Tk 15 lakh only.It is also learnt that as many as 70 different types of large- and medium-sized machines have been manufactured at Walton’s machine-making plant so far. The market value of these machines is more than Tk 100 crore.A power-press machine, weighing about 60 tons, has been manufactured at Walton’s machine-making plant for the first time. Such kind of machines is not manufactured in any other countries of South Asia.Besides, process is now going on to build a high-powered power-press machine, weighing about 80 tons, at Walton’s machine-making plant. This type of machine is usually used for manufacturing dies of motorcycles and motorcars.Engineers said that the performances of machines manufactured at Walton’s plant are much higher. Apart from power-press machines, they said Walton would go for manufacturing thermo-foaming and bending robot machines soon.Officials said it’ll be possible to produce all kinds of machines required for manufacturing electronic and automobile products at Walton factory by the middle of next year.Walton’s Additional Director Uday Hakim said it is possible to make as many as 70 machines at the Walton’s machine-making plant a year. “More than 100 small, medium and large size machines have already been developed at the Walton’s machine-making plant after it commenced its operation two years ago,” he said.He also said Walton can export these machines to different countries of the world after meeting the domestic demand.Terming it “a significant achievement” for Bangladesh, Prof Abdur Rashid Sarker, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), said making of shear cutting and power press machines is an epoch-making event. “Bangladesh will witness an industrial revolution if these machines are produced on commercial basis,” he said.Prof Ashraful Islam of the same department of BUET, said the government should come forward to extend all-out support and co-operation to Walton in this regard.